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A Smart gadget for your 60 Plus Life

The Challenge

The objective of this project is to develop a product, that can ultimately be portable and available for use in gait symmetry rehabilitation process outside of the traditional clinical environment. An inexpensive Inhouse product that can analyze your gait patterns and pressure points on your foot. To actively detect and prevent any irregular gaits, stress fractures and falls.


The Solution (Shoe Insole)

The Idea is to design an InSole (Stafeet) that is battery operated and wirelessly connected with your smart phone. Sta-feet, is going to be the first ever commercially available product to rehabilitate the individuals for gait symmetry training. By accurately measuring gait data and foot pressure points it will provide live vibrational biofeedback to the users to correct any irregularities in their Gates. The system is designed to be intelligent (Machine learning technology), inexpensive and valuable tool to replace / Support  clinical rehabilitation.

Patented Features

Unboxing a Stafeet, you will get:

  • A pair of insoles
  • Wireless charging platform
  • Smart phone application.

It’s a tool under your feet that diagnoses gait abnormalities in individuals. It helps in compensating your asymmetric gait, stress and extra pressure (on limbs / feet) by providing vibrotactile bio feedback.


Our team has taken a very challenging goal to develop a portable rehabilitation tool. The market consists of over 1 million elderly people and 1 billion athletes! We’re creating products and solutions that help people improve their health through our rehabilitation (therapy) treatments. We categorize our users as follows:

  • Elderly people: fall detection and active rehabilitation
  • Patients: Stroke patients, Alzheimer (dementia) patients in need of prosthetic therapies.
  • Athletes: with minor stress injuries, instabilities and excessive foot pronation.

Elderly Health Care

Gift your elders a mobility gadget
Bio Feedback

Vibrotactile instructional cues for patients. Keeps an eye on gait cycle, speed, cadence and step length

Acute Events Warning

AI software predicts and warms the care giver of any acute events

Custom Sized

To fit your needs


Elderly Case Study - Gait Rehabilitation

In Elderly people gait disturbance results in functional disability after stroke, and improving walking functionality is the most often stated goal of such subjects among all stroke-related impairments. One-sided weakness, also known as hemiparesis, is the most common impairment pattern among the subjects suffering stroke, which can result in gait asymmetry. As gait symmetry and energy expenditure are related, the most efficient pattern is a symmetrical gait. Individuals with stroke have higher energy expenditures during gait and extremely low ambulatory activity levels compared with healthy controls.

The poststroke asymmetric gait pattern appears to be an important factor in the increased energy expenditure observed. The musculoskeletal health of the nonparetic limb is also negatively affected by an asymmetric poststroke gait. High forces repeatedly applied to a limb can lead to pain and joint degeneration. In a poststroke gait, increased vertical ground reaction forces through the nonparetic lower limb are positively correlated with temporal asymmetry. Thus, over time, the asymmetric gait of such subjects exposes the nonparetic limb to increased loading.

StaFeet is an active biofeedback system with vibrotactors embedded in the soles. Research has shown beneficial effects of vibrotactile feedback providing instructional cues for patients with neurological disabilities. This active feedback system in StaFeet will provide active training and clinical rehabilitation which can be performed at home or while doing daily activities without the need of visiting the dedicated training and rehabilitation centers.

AI Based Sta-Feet Smart App

Machine Learning APP
Stafeet system registers gait patterns by learning the behaviour of the user and is also optimised individually according to his or hers personal needs and conditions.
Real Time Data Logging and Analysis
The App on single click connetes with your shoes and starts detects every minute change in gait or foot pressures. Followed by exensively reports giving an honest evaluation.
User Friendly GUI (Elderly and Athletic Themes)
As easy as it could be: plug and play, voice recognition enabled and customized themes for Elderly people and Atheltes settings. Makes your smart phone user experience simple and easy to use.
Automatic Alert for your Nurse/Rehab centre
Embedded AI software in StaFeet is designed to predict and warn the care giver for any acute events such as fall or rapid decrease in functional ability, allowing necessary action in minimal time.

We Rethought Everything

Stafeet is for Athletes


Best Performance, Light weight, Breathable, Anti-bacterial, Moisture wicking

Long Battery Life

Charge once a week and Run every day

Custom Sized

To fit your needs


Athletic Case Study

Human gait is an important indicator of health, and is applicable in a wide range of settings, such as diabetes, excessive foot pronation, stress fractures, and fall detection . Thus, gait and activity data has a predictive value, not only for mild cognitive impairment and depression, but also for a broad array of other adverse events such as physical functional decline and fall incidents.

Accurate, non-intrusive, low-cost clinical gait analysis system like StaFeet will allow users to diagnose, monitor, treat and rehabilitate thier instabilities.  Anomalies in the gait shall be detected with the real-time gait analysis smart application which analyzes and calculates different important gait parameters such as gait cycle, gait speed, cadence, step length, etc. These important parameters with the help of expert system embeddd in smart application will allow the professionals to perform correct therapies and to keep track of complete record over time.


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