EU Eureka Eurostars Grants

Eureka Eurostars supports R&D-performing SMEs with innovative and international projects. Eurostars is open for any technological innovation and supports early stage projects (preliminary data) towards prototype development. With this grant, candidate will carry out research in our partner EU country and solve the RnD problem in sandwich program of your PhD.

SME Instrument 2020

Funding is available for: exploring and assessing the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a breakthrough innovation in Industrial management and Smart Industry concept. For example, this could be a smart Industrial risk assessment, market study or intellectual property management of a new product, service, or a new application of existing technologies. The project should be aligned with our business strategy. Amount of funding: lump sum of €50 000 (per project, not per participating candidate) – 70% of the notional eligible costs of €71 429. Duration: around 1 year, but could be shorter or longer. What to submit when applying: description of the overall approach how you will solve the problems with innovation idea and an initial business plan as well as the description of the activities to be undertaken under first year.

Strategic Research Centers in EU

A strategic research center (has to be chosen by the candidate that) is characterized by the fact that several independent research groups at a university, research institute and companies collaborate to solve an important research problem under the strong, unifying leadership of a center director. The problem statement is provided by LimeSense grants (funded by Eurika or Horizons) The director of host institution is assisted by a steering group and a scientific advisory group.

Applications are evaluated with regard to the scientific quality and strategic value of the research programme, the composition of host institution research groups, the envisioned organization for the centre in relation to how the research problem is intended to be solved, the scientific competence of the main applicant and co-applicants, and the leadership qualities of the main applicant. Another very important evaluation criterion is the added value of the proposed centre compared with the equivalent individual projects. Funding period: about 6 – 12 months including mid-term evaluation

Cofunded grants with Centers in EU

LimeSense cooperates fairly regularly with other research funding bodies in joint calls for proposals in co-funded research programmes. A prerequisite for Limesense participation in such a joint project is that the research programme lies within an area that is prioritized by LimeSense and that the diverse experience and competence of the different research funding bodies provides added value for the research programme. Responsibility for such a programme may rest with LimeSense as PI, but it may also rest with another funding body.

Joint research programmes may vary widely in character. The grants within such programmes may therefore be equivalent to a Strategic Research Centre, a framework grant or an individual grant, depending on the programme. Evaluation of applications, funding period and grant size therefore differ between different joint research programmes.

Application cycle

The applications are accepted year around, however the selection is done twice a year (Q2 June) and Q4 (December).

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